Make do and mend

In true wartime, or possibly recession spirit, I've spent the last couple of weekends working my way through the pile of clothes waiting for alterations, fixing and general titivation (such a nice word)!  Mainly it has been taking up trousers for the boyfriend, sewing on buttons and taking up hems for myself. I read somewhere that french women are the only ones who take hems seriously, and that a cm more or less can make or brake an outfit. I'm not sure that I am that attuned to the value of the hem, but I can see that I've greatly improved a retro skirt and dress by bring up the hem line a little :)

As I had the sewing machine out I also whipped up some cushion covers. I found the fabric this morning in Hickeys, which is not always the best source for fabric. But, recently they have taken on some exciting new lines including Amy Butler fabric and patterns and Grand Revival fabric, which I'd never seen before but is lovely! I couldn't decide between all the beautiful patterns, and eventually went for these two. So, I now have two new cushions to finish off my newly decorated kitchen/living room :)


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