A basket full of opportunity

Since completing my hoodie last month, I've been hesitating about what to knit next and have been pottering away at a couple of little items and the blanket. Yesterday afternoon, needing a bit of cheering up I decided to dive into my stash for inspiration. I like to convince myself that my knitting stash fits into one basket (which it does if you don't count the two additional bags and other bits and piece lying around the flat, and the additional supplies I keep at my parents house). Anyway, immersed in my stash, whatever its size, the possibilities seemed endless, and I finally decided on a couple of projects.

I want to knit myself a shawl with the beautiful lace weight silk I got for Christmas, its spun by yarndamour, and I bought it from The Small Gallery in Hereford. You can't tell from the pic, but it not only looks but also feels amazing. This would be my first big lace project and I'm thinking of maybe doing the Swallowtail.

I also want to knit a top for myself using some of my lidl sock yarn, i possibly went a little overboard with the amount I bought last year. I'm thinking of trying the ephemera pullover, I'm going to use a black and grey variegated yarn although I might be leaving out the embellishments.

Finally, I like to have a pair of sock on the go, there are a great travelling project, no one wants to sit by you on the train if you're knitting. So I think might make myself a pair of Cookie A's Hedera pattern, as I liked her monkey sock pattern so much, again using some of my lidl sock yarn, orange this time.

So now, having played with my stash, and reorganised again, I think I better start knitting...


  1. Beak

    To the clicking of knitting needles, I fell asleep on the train
    And I dreamed of knitting, is this what they call woolgathering,
    Dreamed of my mother purling and plaining to patterns
    In Woman's Own and Woman. I woke to a woman
    Whose long mauve thumbnail was sharpened into a spike
    And she texted, texted, texted, with that pecking beak.


    Moral of the story? better a knitter than a texter to sit nexter on the train!


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