Becoming a crafting guru?

When I first started my archival course the girls in my class were a bit nonplussed by my knitting and sewing, but I've gradually been bring them round to the crafty side of life. During our year of study L from America asked for a refresher knitting course, as she wanted a weasley jumper. This went well, although we didn't quite get it made within the year, and when last heard of it was sitting sadly in America waiting to be sewn up :(

A couple of weeks ago, K asked me if I would teach her to knit. It turns out she learnt at school, where under the supervision of the nuns the girls in her class produced knitted leg warmers. K took, understandable, umbridge at the fact that the boys were not taught to knit. Her protest; to go home each night and unpick the stitches she had knit that day! A good issue on which to take a stand but a slightly counter productive one. Anyway, back to the present, I introduced her to our local yarn store and started her on a two by two rib scarf. She flying along, I feel she must have learnt something from the nuns.

Then another friend asked if I would teach her to sew. I was less sure about this, not because I can't sew but because being mainly self taught (when I asked my mum to teach me she gave me a pattern, some fabric and a sewing machine and left me to it) , I suspect, I have rather a lot of bad habits! Anyway, she was very keen so I said I would give it a go, with the caveat of my bad habits. Quality aside, at the end of a couple of hours, we had a completed skirt and she seemed pleased. I hope they both stick with their new crafts, and even if they don't I have been left with a warm feeling from the pleasure of sharing my skills.


  1. Found you! I was indeed very pleased and you were an excellent teacher. Thanks again!

    S x

  2. I like your mother's attitude to learning to sew. I suspect my own mother decided I was not a natural sewer - sorry, rephrase that - seamstress (?) when, aged about 6, I insisted on getting her to help me make a purse out of a banana skin.
    Needless to say, I have never attempted serious sewing since.


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