Competition Update and Clue!

OK, so aside from identifying it as a cow you're not doing too well on guessing the mystery item, so I've decided to give you a clue;

Any ideas? I'm starting sewing it up tonight so I will be revealing all soon, so get those thinking caps on! And I've sorted out a appropriate prize :)


  1. Comments here or in the original post?
    Hmmm is it a cow-shaped tea-pot cosy?

    Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to seeing the FO.

  2. A picnic blanket for camouflage when eating near cows?

  3. I want to say cow tea cosy too! cos of the tea cup.


    Cow- teddy with grey udders, which you will pretend to 'milk' into your tea. *insert dazzling smile here*

  4. Or Coffee Plunger Cozy? It looks a bit straight to be a Tea Cozy. Though a thermal cover for a milkjug sounds like an excellent idea for tea in the garden.

  5. I have finally found the answer! The cow background must be a shower curtain - hinting towards your new bathroom (and the cup is just to distract us of course, very clever!). So you must be making a cow-guest-towel!


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