Knitting for Oxfam

One of my earliest knitting memories is making squares for blankets, and small jumpers, to be donated to Oxfam. (It only occurred to me now I making my own blanket that Oxfam must have had teams of volunteers sewing all the squares together, yikes, glad I didn't have to do that!) I clearly remember making a smaller blue and purple stripped jumper from the pattern for my teddy, he still has it but is at home in Wales so no picture.

Anyway, for Bealtaine Festival, which celebrates creativity in older age and runs throughout May, Oxfam are asking knitter to make scarfs, hats and blanket which they will then sell in their shops. They have had two special patterns designed for the Bealtaine Festival, or knitters can design their own, and they have special tags to print out and attach to knitted items.

I think this is a really good idea, I've got lots of odd balls of wool that are filling up my stash, and what could be a better use to put them too. And having decided on this plan I quickly got down to work on my first scarf ...

The wool is Phildar Wilky, which I got from someone at my knitting group, and as its quite a nice textured yarn I'm just knitting a simple garter stitch scarf over 25 stitches. I got loads done last night during the snooker semi-final.