My Killing Jumper

I'm so excited! I have finished my version of the famous jumper from The Killing.

I worked out the pattern myself, based on several helpful notes on Ravelry, from others who had worked out their own patterns. The motif pattern I used can be found here.

My jumper uses Drop's Eskimo, which is a super bulky 100% wool, and 8mm needles. Resulting in a very quick (two weeks) and very satisfying project. I worked the jumper from the top down, with raglan increases. 

I made a bit of a mess of carrying the charted motif across the raglan increase, even though the charted included details of how to work this out. Its not too bad, but if I was making this again I would take a bit more care with it.

Because of the number of stitches I needed for the body, the pattern repeat of 15 stitches didn't fit exactly, so I made a slightly modification on each side, see right.

When I stared on the sleeves I realised I had 34 stitches, so I put in a couple of decrease rows in before I got to the first motif row, so that the pattern would fit round the sleeve exactly.

All in all, I love this jumper. I really enjoyed knitting it, and I'm very pleased I've managed to work out a pattern all by myself, which has resulted in a wearable item! I'm wearing it as I type, and its like having a constant giant warm hug, it is just so cosy :) 

Here I am, doing my best Sarah Lund impression. And as the cold winter weather has arrived in Dublin this week, all I need is some gritty Scandinavian mystery to get my teeth into!


  1. Is the killing good? I need some good tv to watch! Love the jumper, please write out the pattern so I can make one for me?

  2. Absolutely love it! The pattern is great, and I'm in love with the colour combo too.. and ehm "which has resulted in a wearable item" is a bit of an understatement, no? :)

    Bring on the cold!

  3. Fantabulous! Please can I have one!!!!
    PS The Killing is excellent, sheknit....

  4. Aw, thanks everyone, glad you all like it!
    Sheknitup I'll do my best to write up the pattern, if I can still remember how I made it!

  5. Oh, that's fantastic! I've been hunting around for a suitable pattern for The Famous Jumper - I really hope you write up yours, it's a brilliant reproduction.

  6. I was watching the Killing on my flight back to Dubai but it was an American version.

  7. Hey, here's a new project for you!

  8. Love it, you clever girl!

  9. The jumper looks great! Can you post the pattern so I can follow it please?

  10. Great job! I just finished one too! Brown & white, like yours. For a man. Wanna compare notes?


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