Relishing the Irish Spring

This week Ireland has been enjoying a fantastic early spring with long warm sunny days, beautifully timed to hit the clocks going forwards last weekend so everyone can make the most of the weather after work.  As well as making me smile, the sunny weather has been doing wonders for my garden.

When we moved into our new house last year the front garden was somthing of a jungle, with masses of weeds, grass and tangled roots. A couple of heavy weekends of digging and I had most of the worst of it out, and had even manage in rescue a few plants - including a rose bush which had been swamped by grass. In addition my green fingered cousin in Kerry has been sending me a supply of plants for the new garden, not to mention helping out with some design ideas. 

 The first flower of the year - please ignore the weeds in the background

A beautiful bluebell, saved from the jungle

Despite arriving from Kerry only last Friday the creeping thyme is already  flowering

And last but not least - Mr Hop - who has moved with us from Rathmines and is very happy in his new corner


  1. They look much healthier than my poor sand-encased plants.


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