Back on the wagon...

... both the sewing and the blogging one.

I'm at the age when all my friends are getting married, and its heading into the height of the wedding season. The next one is set for the start of June, and I'm planning to make my own outfit. I know what I want to make, and  in fact its so well planned that I have the shoes, petticoat, fascinator and bag all ready. But if I don't get a move on that may be all I have to wear!

So, what am I planning to make to go with this delightful little selection?

Its Butterick Retro pattern 6582, originally from 1960, which I've had in my stash for some while, and some turquoise blue spotted crepe, which I picked up on sale over Christmas. I've made one previous attempt at this pattern. I tried making the tight skirt version two years ago, but it didn't work. Wrong choice of fabric, and not the most flattering design for my shape around the hips. However, I'm giving the pattern another go, but trying out the second design with the fuller skirt, which should work out a lot better for me!