Where does the time go?

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I posted! I've had a manic few weeks at work, and I've been finishing off the essays for my distance learning course. Thankfully, they are all now finished. Just to show how bad it has been - my last post was about the April Dublin sewing meeting up and I didn't even get to go! Which is a shame as I understand it was fantastic, and the tutorial from the sewing room was great. If, like me, you also missed the meet up don't worry, the date for the next meet up in May will be set soon.

I spent last weekend relaxing at home, being cosseted by my mum - just what I needed! There were a couple of highlights, going to see the Globe Theatre's touring producing of Howard Brenton's Anne Boleyn, which was absolutely fantastic. If you get the chance - go!

The other highlight was a trip round the charity shops in my local town - always a treat. For some reason certain shops are better than others for certain types of item, and unsurprisingly my favorite shop is the one which quite often has some nice piece of fabric. They were on the mark again this time, and I picked up three nice little bits for £5, which worked out at less than £1 a meter.

And so I won't loose track of time again, and miss another sewing meet up, I also picked up this sweet little vintage travelling alarm clock.

Now, I just need to clear the massive pile of ironing and other rubbish off my sewing table and I can get sewing again...