Muchas gracias, señor Casillas y su equipo

Never thought I would be starting a post this way, but there is link, I promise. We had a sweepstakes for  Euro 2012 at work, and I was lucky enough to pull out Spain. As Wales didn't even make it past the qualifiers, I was able to support Spain with a fairly clear conscience (lets face it Ireland were never going to get out of their group). The Spanish boys pulled it out of the bag for me, and I decided to treat myself to some Wearing History patterns.

I've been eyeing up the wearing history patterns for a while, and the biggest decision I had to make was which one/ones to get. In the end I opted for these three, which popped through my letter box on Monday morning. Can't wait to get started on these :)



  1. Maybe there is a footballing stitcher - wasn't there a knitting winter Olympian?


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