New Year's introspective naval gazing #2 - Resolutions

Having looked last week at my favourite knitting and sewing projects of the year, today I've decided to look at my new year's resolution from last year to see how I got on.  I made three main resolutions last year;
- Knit selfishly
- De-stash
- Back to the blanket

I've knitted less and sewn more this year, but of what I have knitted this year I think more of it has been for me, so I think this resolution gets a tick! Part of the reason I've knitted more for myself is because I have been working away on my sock yarn blanket. I said last year that I wanted to get half way up my blanket, and looking at the blanket last night I'm certainly passed the halfway mark. So another tick for me.

However, after this it all starts to go down hill. De-stashing ... hum ... well lets start with the positives. 

I think that my knitting wool stash is about the same size as it was last year, and possibly even a little smaller. It certainly all fits neatly into its drawer, its all entered in my stash on Ravelry, and I've matched much of it with patterns ... I just need to get knitting.

However, my fabric stash is not so good. Last weekend I got all my fabric out, sorted it and created a little spreadsheet. (I'm an archivist , I love this sort of thing). And, I'm ashamed to say I have ... well ... hum ... umm .. mumble mumble ... cough - (looking shamefaced and speaking quickly) fifty plus bits of fabric in my stash.

Yes, well, I clearly have a problem, as will my fabric shelf if I keep on buying more fabric, its already starting to sag under the weight. But knowing you have a problem is the first step towards addressing it, right?  I've tried to de-stash but all the fabric I have is lovely, and I have plans for it, so I can't get rid of it ... I just need to start sewing .. its not like I'm going to run out of projects anytime soon. I've got enough fabric to make one new item a week for the whole rest of the year and I'd still have some stash left.  

I think there is only one way to classify this resolution ... EPIC FAILURE!