London calling

Hello, despite appearance to the contrary I am still here, and I am still crafting. I've been busy at work, and away for the last two weekends, so I've been rather neglectful of HazWool. 

For the bank holiday weekend I was in London. London, always seems to be enjoying good weather when I'm there, and it was a very sunny weekend. I caught up with a number of friends I've not seen for ages. I went to see the Mousetrap, which I've never seen but greatly enjoyed. Plus I managed to sneak in a visit to Liberty. Its such a wonderful place, both the shop's design and what it sells. We were flying Ryanair, and I am still trying to decrease my stash, so I was very well behaved and did my best to just look. I did treat myself to a couple of little things, well it would be rude not too.

In other news I have been doing my best with my Me Made May '13 pledge, although I've done fairly well on keeping to the pledge, I have identified several holes in my wardrobe and I've not been great on taking photos, but here are some from week 1