A man walks into a pub with a bag of wool

... no, not the start of one of my dad's terrible jokes, but what happened at the Rathmines knitting group a few weeks ago. The man in question was Diarmuid, the founder of S Twist, a new Irish hand-spun wool company. 

Diarmuid dropped in to tell us knitters about his hand-spun yarn from Irish fleece, sourced from farms in county Tipperary. He brought some of his beautiful natural coloured singly and double ply wool for us to admire, and a couple of luck individuals were give a skein to make something from, including yours truly!

This is my skein of S Twist's chunky single ply; an aran weight wool with 100 grams in a skein and about 160 yards. It also comes in grey and a grey/white mix. S Twist also has Shetland/merino mix wools, and is looking to expand his range in the future.

I did spend quite a long time trying to decide what to knit, I felt I wanted to do justice to the wool and Diarmuid's generosity. The wool just shouted cables at me and, as one of the other test knitters was making a hat, I thought a mittens or gloves might be good. I eventually settled on fingerless mitts and went for dashings, a pattern which combine a good long length on the arm with some attractive cables.

I think these turned out really well, and the wool shows up the cables beautifully. The wool is a little rough, which is not surprising give its origin, but I didn't find it too scratchy to knit with. I've not worn the mitts out so I can't comment on what the wool is like next to the skin, but I think a dip in some Eucalan would soften out any roughness. I did find that the wool split a little while I was knitting, but Diarmuid has said the newer batch is more tightly spun so this should be less of an issue. All in all, I was impressed with the wool and I would use it again - depending on how soft it is next to the skin I might even make a aran jumper for myself.

And finally some shots of my new dashings and the beautiful peonies in my front garden.


  1. They look lovely and I always enjoy knitting cables. One would hope that in May it might be a little too warm to wear your dashings though - witness the peonies, of which I am very envious!

  2. Lovely! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this yarn sometime.

    I love the peonies too. Mine aren't out yet, tho' there are lots ofbig fat red oniony bulbs just ready to pop open.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm very pleased with the peonies, I'd love to claim credit for them but they were in the garden when we moved in


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