1950s pattern haul

Last week Rosemary from the Constant Knitter gave me a text to let me know she had some vintage patterns in her shop. They came from the Oxfam shop next door, who had ask her if any of the students in the sewing classes held above the shop would like to buy them. Thinking I might be interested Rosemary asked me if I wanted to pop in and see if there were any I would like to buy as well. 

Not wanting to miss anything I hopped on my bike and headed down to see if there was. Nearly all the patterns were from the 1950s and were just the style I like; fitted bodice and full skirts (when I brought them home the boyfriend took one look and said 'but you have pattens like that already'). I'd guess that most of the pattens came from the same person's stash, as there are not only similarity in style but also in size, mostly 32" bust but with some 34" and 36". My biggest problem was trying to narrow down my selection, but in the end I settled for a baker's dozen.

I really like the high collars in these three pattens...

And for the more formally occasions there are these two ... I love the demure little figure in the bottom left corner.

A big thank you to Rosemary for the tip off, which just leave me with the biggest decision of all - which dress to make first!?!


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