Cogitating and resolving

I've spent some, probably too much, time since my last post cogitating on my New Year's crafting resolutions - should I make any? What should they be? Will I be able to keep them?

I've been reading Stuart Sutherland's Irrationality, and one of his thesis is that you are more likely to keep resolutions if you publicly make them - I need to make some public resolutions, hence this post.

In the past I've tended to make quite general resolutions like I want to decrease my stash or make better quality garments, and while these are good aspirations I think I need some more quantifiable resolutions -  I need some targets on a list which I can tick off.

I was drawing a blank on what my list of targets should be when I stumbled across The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, and that got me started thinking. I have bought a lot of vintage sewing patterns recently and not made many of them, which seems a shame. So, my first new year's resolution is also going to be my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.

  • During 2015 I will sew up at least five of my vintage or reproduction sewing patterns.

Having started with one resolution, a few other ideas came to mind. As well as using some of my vintage patterns I also want to use up some of my stash, so my next resolution is that

  • During 2015 I will make at least five projects using fabric from my stash

There are also two specific garment types that I want to get to grips with this year, so

  • During 2015 I will make at least one coat and some lingerie

Especially as my lovely knitting friend Lindsay gave me this for my Christmas present

Thanks L you are a star!

Those three resolutions should keep me busy enough with my sewing, but what about my knitting? Well I think with knitting one resolution is going to keep me busy, and as I really need to get my knitting stash down my resolution is that
  • During 2015 I will knit at least 10 project using (mainly) yarn from my stash
I've started well on this last resolution, I've already cast on a cardigan using some beautiful Mirasol K'acha yarn with has been in my stash for well over a year.

It's a start, but looking at my list resolutions, there is plenty more to go.


  1. Wow that looks as though it's going to be a stunning cardigan! Can we have a look at the pattern picture?


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