Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not it's BatJan and Robin

Some readers may remember that last summer I made a couple of outfits for Bambo, the special friend of my friend's little boy, Jan, who had to go into hospital (details here). Since then Bambo's wardrobe had been growing with new tops from left over fabric scraps and an extremely fancy Father Christmas outfit. 

April saw Jan's birthday and I thought I'd make a superhero outfit for Bambo. When I told the boyfriend of my idea, he suggested one better - matching superhero outfits for Jan and Bambo.

I couldn't find a 'genuine' batman pattern, so I made do with a generic one from Simplicity. Although Jan was 4 this birthday, I went for the age 5 size so he would have plenty of growth room.  The fabric is some stretch black, with a bit of Lycra I think, which made it super easy to sew. The trousers are a simple design with an elasticated waistband, and the top has a back opening closed with velcro. I also used velcro to attach the cape to the shoulders. The only problem with the outfit was the gauntlet cuff, although I followed the pattern they turn out way to small. (Writing this post had also reminded me that I still have to remake these for Jan). 
Bambo's Robin outfit is made out of a couple of t-shirts from a charity shop, to my own design. I made Bambo a little cape too, but thought trousers were more suitable than Robin's traditional hot-pants! 

this was probably one of my most enjoyable sewing projects; plus Jan and Bambo seemed pretty happy with their superhero outfits when they unwrapped them. Indeed they accompanied my to the train station on my way home fully kitted out, which was a slightly surreal experience! 

I have a feeling that these two little heroes are going to get up to a lot of mischief!


  1. I can confirm that BatJan and Robin make an appearance at least a couple of times a week and there is always a little mischief in the house then:) Ps. thank you again for lovely gift:*

  2. The outfits look terrific in these lovely photos.


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