My Unemployment Blanket

Browsing on Ravelry a few months ago I came across, and fell in love, with the Heathen Housewife's amazing Sock Yarn Blanket. Since my last job finished in December I had this crazy idea that I could spent my ample free time on knitting a blanket. So I rooted through my stash and came up with a pile of 4ply yarn scraps. The other night, I followed the instructions, and did my tension (or as I like to think of it my first) square;

I felt such a huge sense of achievement as I fastened off my first square, and admired its neat little square edges, and the nice patten the decrease line down the centre makes. But then I had this terrible thought - its one tiny little square, and I had been vaguely thinking of a blanket for my double bed! Eak, this is going to be a long project, but then as my Dad always says 'its better to travel hopefully than to arrive'...


  1. I'm doing a blanket too! Race you to the end (I'm cheating, knitting with massive needles, it's not going to be very warm..)


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