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Make Nine in 2019

I've spent much of the last week planning projects for the coming year. I decided to take part in the Make Nine challenge - a year long challenge to make nine projects, putting a bit more time and consideration into them. Combine this challenge with my growing feeling of being a bit overwhelmed  (or possibly guilty) about the size of my stash, I decided to use my Make Nine challenge to use fabric, yarn and/or patterns from my stash. Simple really, nine project using fabric/yarn from my stash? Sadly not ... there was just too much choice. And how to split it? Four knitting and five sewing projects? Five knitting and four sewing projects??????  In the end I decided there was only one possible answer - a Make Nine for knitting AND a Make Nine for sewing! I found my sewing Make Nine fairly easy to pick, there is something of a vintage theme to the nine, and I'm hoping to up my jumpsuit game this year. The only fabric I haven't matched to a pattern is the boiled

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