New Year Sewing resolutions

Last week I set out my New Year knitting resolution, and this week I'm going to make some tentative sewing resolutions. I didn't make any sewing resolutions last year, which at least means I didn't fail to keep any of them. However, I am going to make some this year. Hopefully, they keep me on track!

Resolution No 1 - Still sewing by subscription
Back in October I received my first sewing box subscription from SewHaleyJane, and I made a deal with myself that if I didn't make anything from the material in the first three months I would cancel my subscription. Three months later and I've made things from the main fabric in the first two boxes, and I've even managed to make somethings from some, although not many, of the fat quarters. Although you wouldn't know, as I've signally failed to post about any of the projects ... yet! I've plans for the quilted fabric that came in my third box as well, it is going to be the lining for this coat.

As a result, I'm allowing myself another six months subscription on the same bases, if I don't use the fabric, I loose the subscription. Working with the fat quarters should be easier as I received this book for Christmas. To my surprise my boyfriend not only listens to me waffling on about sewing but retains some of the pertinent facts as well - I had no idea he knew what a fat quarter is!

Resolution No 2 - Working with my stash
Given that my first resolution revolves around increasing my stash, my second is rather contradictory, as I'm going to try and keep my other fabric purchases to a minimum, and sew up some of the beautiful fabrics already in my stash. Which will give me plenty of options. Killing two birds with one stone, the coat will be made, not only with last month's subscription box fabric, but will also use some fabric that has been in my stash for over two years.

Resolution No 3 - Outfits fit for Queens
My last resolution goes against my second (oh dear, how inconsistent I am). I'm not going to give much details here, because it needs a whole post to explain, but I'm going to be working on a small and detailed project, for which I will be buying special fabric, although not very much. I'll post more details on these soon, but for now all I'll say is this project is one I've wanted to work on for quite a while, is very special to me and will be, hopefully, regal!


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