Happy New Year and one (yes, just one) knitting resolution

Crikey, 2017 is here already and it is time for reflections, ruminating and resolutions!

Last year I made one crafting resolution - to down size my knitting stash which was getting out of hand. My aim was to reduce the size of my stash to under 20,000 meter. Which I'm glad to say I have achieved, my current stash total on Ravelry is 18,639 meter. If I'm honest I would have hoped to be closer to 15,000 meters, and I probably knitted enough to do so. But, kind lovely people will keep giving me wool! (I'm not complaining, just trying to justify myself!)

From my projects page on Ravelry, I see that I've completed 21 projects this year, using up just over 10,000 meters in a year, a personal record for me.  Picking a favorite from these was quite hard, but I reduced it down to two.

1) My happy ending jumper, which started out as the disaster of a lost scarf and ended up as a favorite and much worn jumper.

2) Summer Chevrons - worth correcting all the mistakes I made in knitting it and all the time which goes into knitting a top in lace weight.

Looking back I see that the chevron top is the only one of the five patterns I put on my proposed list of project this time last year which I have managed to complete.

So much for last year, what about this year? Well, I have so much enjoyed knitting out of my stash over the last year, and there is still so much wool left in my stash, that I'm making the same resolution again this year - to reduce my stash, this time I'm aiming to get it down to under 15,000 meters this year. My first new project will be one that was on my list for last year, with wool which has been in my stash for nearly two years - Puffin-tastic!


  1. Wow! You have been knitting a lot!! The new projects looks promising!

    1. Thanks Anthea. I've cast on the puffin jumper and am knitting away in a sea of black


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