A Hazbo in need of a Hoodie

I don't know if this a situation that faces all knitters but despite all the knitting I do, I don't seem to have any warm jumpers. This is something I've particularly noticed this year with the very cold winter, so I decided I needed to remedy the situation. Over Christmas I started knitting the Hooded Jacket from Issue One of The Knitting Collection, a 'bookazine' produced by the publishers of Yarn Forward. The bookazine has over 50 patterns, and although I bought it especially for the hoodie pattern, there are several other patterns I'll definitely be making, including the elbow length lace pattern fingerless gloves. For the hoodie I used the two enormous cones of gray wool I purchased in Avoca last year, and finished off with some ceramic buttons. I was slightly disappointed not to have finished the project by this years Avoca visit, but I was only two weeks over!

The pattern is clear and well written, and the only slight problem I had was that when I picked up the stitches across the back to knit the hood the knitted pattern was out of sink. I don't know if this is a mistake in way the pattern is written, or if I made a mistake when I set up the pattern when I cast on the back. Despite this little mishap, which is not really noticeable, the hoodie is now finished and is enormously cosy. And the only dilemma facing me now is that I only used just over one cone of the wool, and so have lots left over to use up. Hum, so many prospects, given how soft the wool is I'm thinking a hot water bottle cover would be a good start.