Sew simple

I've finally got around to taking pictures of my last two sewing project, and thought I might as well put them up here.

The fabric I used for the skirt I found a few months ago in a charity shop, and the pattern comes from the September 2007 Burda World of Fashion magazine. I'm really pleased with the outcome, the skirt fits well, plus has pockets which is always a plus. The only slight problem with the design is the bottom of the skirt which is quite tight, and it makes it a little difficult to walk with my usual stride. But I guess I must suffer for fashion!

The top is made from one of the several beautiful sari that my boyfriends sister has given me, she quite often visits India. It is my second attempt at a top from this fabric, the pattern I used the first time was badly designed and the outcome a disaster (I couldn't move my arms). For the second attempt I used the Amy Butler Lotus cami pattern, which I have used before so I know works. I think that the patterns and fabric she designs are both really beautiful, and because she uses such bold patterns the top designs have very simple lines. I especially like the neck line of this top. The fastening for the cami top are a row of buttons down the back. Beautiful as this looks, it does make the top a little difficult to get in and out of. Unless of course you have a ladies maid, which sadly I don't. I cycled into work one day last year, taking my other version of this top to change into and I couldn't do up all the buttons on my own! I had to ask a stanger to help me, very embarrassing, although not enough to stop me using the pattern again ;)


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