White Noise

Its been a while since posted, and I'm feeling a bit guilty, espcially after Kneehigh's kind comments. And on that subject I've tracked down some more sources to have a look at when I get a moment. Its the new job which I started on Monday, its eating into all that free time I didn't really appricate when I had it! The job is fantastic and I'm very happy, especially as I found out that several of my new colleagues are also knitters :)

So I've not been doing that much knitting, except yesterday when I had to go to a conference in Belfast and took advange of the train journey to get some sock knitting done. I'm pleased with how they are turning out, especially as I had some doubts about the colour.

Progress on the blanket has almost ground to a halt, I'm trying to make sure I do a square a day, although I estimate that means I won't be finished for about three years! But today I found some ends of ball of 4ply in my local charity shop, I think a grand total of 80c was hardly excessive.


  1. The Unemployment Blanket should only be done when you're unemployed - that's what's holding you back. Put it in a drawer 'til you need it again. Or else... well, there's no need to get all supersticious.


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