Decorating Mania

Hello, I'm still here, its just that for the last week I have been gripped by decorating mania!

Our flat, which is in a nice old building, is decorated throughout in what we like to call 'rental room yellow', a mildly unpleasant yellow not improved by about ten years of built up dirt and nicotine. When I say our flat, I mean the whole flat, every room, walls and ceilings, and all the communal areas as well. (I think the landlord must have got a very good deal on yellow paint.) So we decided it was time for a change.

I started in the bathroom, as I thought its small and so wouldn't take too long. Ha, the last decorating 'job' is probably charitably described as a bodge, and the room required a lot more than just a lick of paint! But, I'm nearly there now and the bathroom is much lighter and brighter in 'chic blue' and 'honey white'. (Really how do they come up with the paint names?)

Sorry, its not a very good pic of the bathroom which is long and thin so difficult to photo but you can get an idea of the yellow. The curtain, which is lovely, I made when we moved in with some cheap and cheerful Ikea fabric (oh, so modest)!


  1. Love the ikea fabric - can't wait to visit the 'new' shop myself. haven't been out there yet!


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