Decortating Update

Yippie! The bathroom is finished at last, I am so pleased.

Because we live on the street we needed to have something to cover the lower half of the window and I hate net curtains, we found the amazing fake stained glass in the local hardware shop and it turned out much nicer that I was expecting. You can't really see it very well in this picture but there is a fish mobile hanging in the window, my cousin makes them from left over drift wood and fishing line she finds on her local beach in Kerry.

I also found two 'retro' oil lamps in my local charity shop on Saturday, a bargain at two euro each. There is a purple one (in the picture) and a matching pink one.

The drawback? It really shows up how shabby the rest of the flat it! Plenty more decorating to come ...


  1. Huuuuge difference! Love it - I can imagine you must be very pleased every time you walk in there :)

  2. I like the radio.

  3. Seriously love the window effect thingy.

  4. Yes Wendy I do keep popping in to look at it:)


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