February and March FOs

I've not put up any pictures of my finished objects from February and March, mainly as most were birthday presents for Wellbread and I didn't want her seeing them, but now I'm free to give a round up of the last two months knitted output .

My project based on the Dublin Knit Collective's
Valentine knit-a-long, details of pattern and wool

Socks for Wellbread
yarn from Lidl and the pattern is Monkey Socks.

Also a hat, to make sure her extreamities are toasty warm.
The wool is called Brazil, found in a charity shop, the pattern is

The pattern describes the hat as being 'slouch beret-style', which I'm not quite sure is how I would describe it. I cast on more stitches that suggested in the pattern, and knitted an extract pattern repeat, and it still turned out fairly closer fitting, but it is a very pretty hat anyway.

And just to show I am not entirly an alturistic knitter, I made a top for me.
Also using lidl wool, and another free

I changed the pattern to knit the top in the round, which I thought would be better for the variagated yarn. I'm really pleased with the way the pattern from the yarn worked out, especially where the sleeves join into the body. Plus I have some wool left over from this top and the socks to go towards the blanket, which is still progressing ... slowly.


  1. I love the jumper, well done on finishing it!

  2. Yup, the jumper is lovely. And Wellbread will be kept nice and toasty on her forays to the al fresco bread oven. Bravo!

  3. Hazwool,willknit has unleashed the forces of fabulosity into the world! Check out the hat, 'oooo' at my socks and 'ahhh' at the hearts, I love them all! I am meanwhile ponderously knitting a very basic blanket made up of basic squares. Oh! the gap between our skills! Thank you so much for the wonderful knitwear x wellbread

  4. I have a new project for you! I hope the correct picture shows up.



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