The generosity of Knitters

I've always knew that knitters are a lovely set of people, but since I started on my blanket I've realised just how lovely you all are. So many people have donated their left over bits and pieces of 4ply wool, that going to knittings groups has had an extra added charm! This week the lovely Sheknitupthatball gave me a hugh contribution;

What I'm really enjoying about making the blanket is that in using up my left over yarn it is creating a reminder of all the projects I have made. And now with all these lovely donations it's becoming a reminder of all my knitting friends too :)  (and in the case of this sheknitupthatball her knitting projects too as she told me where some of the left overs came from). The week was a bumper week for donations as I also got these two lovely balls from my Tuesday night group.

And if this post has made you realise you have some left over yarn you want to get rid of, any donations are always welcome (not wanting to beg too much) :)


  1. I can run you through all the backstories again if you like ... ;p


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