Wonderwool Wales and bouncing babies!

Thankfully the ash cloud cleared from the sky and I was able to get home to Wales last weekend. Part of the reason for the trip was to see the parentals, as I'd not been home since Christmas, but also my mum had won tickets to Wonderwool Wales! Aside from our woolly day out, full details and pics to follow when I have more time, I also went to a joint 1st birthday party. I only had 24 hours notice of the party and wanting to knit a quick present, I settled on stuffed knitted cubes. I raided my stocks of bright acrylic, assembled the knitting troops (my mum) and got under way. A couple of hours later we had produced:

Bright, textured and noisy (they have a bell inside the plastic case from a Kinder surprise egg in the middle) I think they ticked all the educational development boxes, plus, the one year olds seemed to like them too!


  1. "Bright, textured and noisy"... and tasty too, according to Mr Pie. Thank you knitters!


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