Wonderwool Wales

As its now over a week since I was there, I really ought to tell you all about my trip to Wonderwool Wales (I've know you've all be waiting with bated breath!).

The events been held for the last five years at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells in mid Wales, and describes itself as 'a festival of Welsh wool and natural fibers'. Given that in the past I've only been to the Stitch and Knit Show in the RDS I wasn't prepared for the extent and range of the locally produced yarns and fibre available, it was all slightly overwhelming! So the highlights for me ...

The Welsh Yarn stall showed the progress from this;
 ... to this ...
I really like the hats and gloves in the middle of the stall, they all form the This Lix Baxter Kit. Unfortunatly the printers had let the stall holder down, and the proofs didn't come back in time for her to check the pattern before the show. But, we are on the waiting list when the patterns are all finished!

My own LYS was there too, Artisan Yarns at the Small Gallery, Hereford, who as her website shows was busy dying in preparation for the event.
I especially like the jewel bright kid silk hanging at the front. But what I bought was some natural indigo dyed linen lace weight for my mum's birthday present, you can just see it knitted up as the Swallowtail shawl on the left of the stall.
Some volunteers where offering to wind skeins for a donation to air ambulance, it took poor Mr Mog over an hour to wind the linen, but he was quite cheerful about it as the day before a similar skein had taken an hour and a half!

That was all I bought on the wool front, I was very restrained. But I did get a beautiful handmade leather bag (thank you mum!) It's like the satchel in the middle of the stall, but from a dark brown leather.

And a set to make a teddy bear from old blankets, so very very cute ...

So there we go, a round up of my trip to Wonderwool Wales, not too much to add to my wool stash but a good day out :)


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