I'm back!

Hello! I'm back, been having Internet connection troubles the last couple of weeks, and not really sure they are sorted out yet but I'm online now so thought I better get a post in quick. So how have I been spending the last two weeks?

Firstly, I tackled a dog mangled hat for a friend at work. It turned out not to be as bad as it looked, and the outcome was much better than I expected.

We've finally finished the decorating in the hall and kitchen, including making a new pair of curtains, and finally getting to grips with all the little niggle bits that we had been putting off. I think they are all done at last, pics to follow ... 

On the knitting front I've presented Lizzy to her new owners, no word yet on what they think! I've got back to knitting my blanket, which I'm really enjoying again, and I've started a new project for myself.

All of which might lead me to suspect that I get a lot more down when there is no Internet to distract me :)