The taste of summer

Last Sunday I dragged the boyfriend along on an elderflower foraging expedition. I love elderflower cordial, and the taste is one of the things I associate with the summer, as is making it with my mum. There are elderflower trees at the end of our garden at home and between May and June we head down to forage and then make cordial to drink on hot summer days.

Being in Dublin has made cordial making a lot harder, where to find elderflowers for a start! I thought it would be easy but the parks around here are all neat and tidy with no elderflowers :(  So it took a while but eventually we found an overgrown yard down the back of a side street with a huge big elderflower tree. Conveniently there were several branches stretching inviting over the walls for me to pick from.

So, its all made and bottled and now I have a stock pile of delicious summer elderflower cordial to keep me going though the hot sunny days ...


  1. I've never tasted elderflower cordial, or elderflower anything! Glad you found the big tree. Was great to see you today, see you Saturday!

  2. Same story in London - elderflower is hard to find except in untidy plots, disused land by railways, building sites... where it's plentiful (or was, the season seems to be over here).

  3. I love elderflower cordial but have never made it. Some day I will have to try it.


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