One of my favorite weekend activities is to wander down Camden and George's street and visit all the charity shops. I'm a big fan of charity shopping and normally manage to find myself something. This week was no exception and I pick up this truly amazing pillow case.

Fantastic, no? And right out of a seventies time warp! I couldn't resist especially as I have just finished decorating our spare (shoe box sized) room in a rather bright shade of orange. It wasn't meant to be quite so orange but 'orange dream' turned out to be rather more orange than in the colour chart.  Anyway, either the colour has mellowed or I've got use to it and I quite like the room now!  (It's certainly an improvement on our standard yellow anyway)

It's not a very good photo, its hard to get much in as the room it so small. As you can see its used as a study/sewing/junk room, but there is a bed if anyone comes to stay, and now they can have a beautiful matching pillow case! Just a warning if you're planning to come and stay anytime :)


  1. Maybe the man in the red trousers will visit more often now that their is a room fit for him.


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