A silky solution

I've always had eczema on my hands, and it does occasionally cause problems for knitting, as the wool can make it itchy. The last couple of weeks my eczema has been really bad because of the heat. It was so bad on Tuesday that I couldn't do any knitting at my knitting club. It is very sad to sit there watching everyone else knit and not be able to join in!

So, I've used this sad situation as an excuse to start a new project (do I really need an excuse?)ast Christmas my dad gave me some beautiful silk lace weight from Yarn D'Amour. I've been very undecided about what to make, I like lace shawl, like swallowtail and isbel, but I'm not really sure if I would use one, but I what something more than just a scarf ... and then browsing on ravelry I came across the solution - Annis, a shawl scarf hybrid.

363 stitches set up and ready to go ...


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