A small confession ...

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself with a little trip on my bicycle to visit Springwools. I've been pretty good recently about using up my stash wool, and I decided to treat myself to something new. So what did I buy ...

This is King Cole bamboo cotton, it more purple coloured in reality. I'm going to use this to make Still, a long sleeved cotton top with, according to the pattern 'all the glamour of the 1940s', which I've been planning to make for ages.

I also got some Lang Golf, another cotton, it was on sale and a very pretty colour

and finally some Lang Jawoll Magic to make myself a nice pair of socks

and all within the budget I set myself, I'd say that means it hardly even counts as adding to my stash ;)


  1. Slightly jealous.. some lovely yarn you got there! And Still is a very nice pattern, will add it to my list on Ravelry stat :-)

  2. Really like the colour of that sock yarn, looking forward to seeing how it knits up.


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