Another wedding tea cosy

It seem to be becoming rather a habit, I've just knitted up another tea cosy wedding present. Although this one is a little more sedate than the lovely Lizzy.

Its an Erika Knight pattern from, I think, Simple Knitting, although I got it in a recent Knitting Magazine. The background purple colour on the flowers is knitted in and the rest is Swiss darned over the top. I've never done any Swiss darning before, I quite enjoyed it, and it turned out fine. I cut down the pattern a little, less foliage and fewer colours. (Hum, maybe, I didn't like the Swiss darning so much after all). What I really like is the little bud on the back

Pattern:   Rose Tea Cosy by Erika Knight
Yarn:       Patons Promise DK (discontinued) and King Cole Merino Blend DK, odds and ends from by knitted blanket stash
Needles:  3.25mm and 4mm
Mods:     Cut down on the colours and the pattern (because I wanted to, not because I'm lazy)
Finishing: You can't see in the pics, but its lined with some flowered cotton fabric, and has a layer of wadding too.


  1. I really love your blog! I have spent all evening reviewing it and laughing and sighing. I like this teacosy, -though I may seem more of a 'Lizzie' girl, I like this bud motif. What would it look like in neon magenta?...


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