Chili City II ...

Return of the Killer Chillies!

Last month we harvested our tomato and chili crop, mentioned in an earlier post. The results were quite impressive, given our limited garden.

With the glut of peppers and tomatoes I whipped up a peperonata, an Italian stew of peppers and tomatoes flavoured with garlic and fennel, yum yum! The chili, which have a good bit of heat in them, have gone into the freezer to keep my dinners hot and spicy throughout the winter :)

And now, as the nights draw in, I think I better turn my thoughts to some winter planting ...


  1. No, no, no, not fennel. Fennel could possibly be the number one item on my black list.

  2. I have found something else for you to grow: Chilean guava.

    "It is hardy down to -10°C [which should be just about ok for these times in Ireland] or thereabouts and will need a sunny, sheltered spot to induce the plant to fruit but the most trouble it'll give you is in digging a small hole in which to plant it."


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