Six weeks without knitting ... it's snow joke

Having celebrated the unusually early snowfall in Dublin in an earlier post I'm now feeling distinctly less joyous about it. I have joined the growing number of people queuing up at A&E with weather related injuries, in my case a fractured wrist :-(

I'm feeling a lot better than I was on Wednesday when I had my fall, but the realisation that I am facing six knitting free weeks is starting to hit home! The situation got so desperate over the weekend that I turned to crochet. (Apologies to all those crochet devotes out there but its just not my craft.) I have just about mastered the art(lessness) of one handed crochet and am making my slow way towards a (very small) bag. So will the experience kindle a love of crochets? I'm not sure, I fear the experience will just associate crochet with my fractured wrist.

On a more cheerfully note the lovely R took me out for a jaunt on Sunday to Dublin's newest wool shop, the fantastically names Winnies Wool Wagon in Blackrock. [Which included an exciting navigating role for me, but I wasn't quit up to the technological challenge of google map, oh, for a tradition paper map.] Winnies is a beautiful and tempting shop full of a lovely range of wools to suit all tastes and budget. The back room is a delicious cafe serving yummy cakes and sandwiches. All in all a great day out, even if I didn't buy any wool, despite R's peer pressure.

(Sorry about the lack of photos, I didn't have my camera with me, but R did, so hopefully better pics will follow).


  1. Fractured wrist! That's terrible! However this place with wool and a café sounds brilliant. It reminds me that our local(ish) 2nd handy book shop (which is a little bit like a piece of Hay On Wye that has broken up and floated off towards Coventry) is attaching a proper tea room in the new year. Shops that double as tea rooms are certainly the future.

  2. Navigation that is interspersed with knittychat is the very best kind of navigation. Like a SatKnit.

  3. oh poor you, I hope you don't have too much pain in that fractured wrist, hope also that you become very proficient in crochet and that it satisfies your fibre urges!
    liz, who can't remember how I found your blog, but it must have been via Ravelry..., or?

  4. Aw, thanks everyone for the best wishes. My wrist is much less painful and I'm getting better at the crochet :)


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