Cast off, Cast on

So the cast is off, and a world of knitting opportunities is open before me, but I don't know where to start! I should have followed R's suggestion of making use of my enforced knit free time by sorting out my stash and matching yarn to projects. Ah, if only!

Where to start?
First, I know I want to knit a cardigan. It strikes me that as a knitter I seem to be a bit sort of cardies. Looking back on last years knitting I think I have identified the problem, I seem to have mostly knitted small accessories/socks and gifts. I've put in a good couple of hours ravelry searching and feel in love with the Somerset Cardigan, but it doesn't match the wool I've identified in my stash for a cardie, sigh! Instead I've decided on Summer Solstice, and being a bit of a swat I've run up a tension square already...

The yarn is from the Avoca sale last February, and is a 90% wool 10% nylon boucle. I'm hoping to have it done before the summer solstice and even maybe before the Vernal/Spring equinox, which is on 20th March this year. Its also going to be the first time I've started, let alone finished, a project with Avoca yarn within a year of purchase :)

Secondly, I think I want to knit a cowl, they seem to be the latest knitting crazy and most of my knitting friends seem to have been making them over the last couple of months, and I feel some knitting envy. I've some beautiful Colinette Art which I think would be good, and I quite like the Forest Canopy Cowl but I think the pattern might get lost with the variegated yarn, any thoughts? The Colinette is an aran weight, and any suggests for nice cowl patterns are very welcome :)

Finally, I bought some nice sparkly sock wool which my Christmas money and am planning on knitting some monkey socks for myself. I think its always good to have a pair of sock on the go, they make an excellent travelling project. And if all that fails I've still got Still (a 40s style jumper) on the go since last November. Its looking like busy few knitting weeks ...


  1. Wow - what sort of thing do you mean by a cowl? I'm imagining a sort of classic monk's robe - but is there a more up-to-date style cowl that hasn't reached us here yet?

  2. Hum ... a knitted multi-coloured monk's robe, could be interesting! I think with monks the cowl is just the bit round the neck that goes up into a hood. More modern cowls are just the neck bit, kind of like a polo neck jumper but without the jumper :) Does that make any sense?


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