It's an ill wind that blows no good!

I'm back! Many of my plans for December, including my Christmas knitting, had to be put on hold because of my accident in December. Although not able to knit, I discovered I could crochet, or at least the fractured wrist didn't make my crochet noticeably worse, although it was a bit slow. And so I am pleased to present my (I think) fifth ever crochet item ...

I'm quite pleased with it, although not sure the effort it took is quite justified by the outcome, but it's a nice enough little piece. Although I think it will go as a gift for someone, as I think if i kept it every time I used it I would be reminded of the fractured wrist, which might spoil the enjoyment.

And the really good news, the fracture is healed and the cast off and I can knit again! My wrist is still a bit stiff and I've been told to use it as much as possible, so it seems to me that knitting is now not just a pleasure but a necessity :)

Pattern:  In Bloom by Ileana Rodriguez from Stitch'n'Bitch The Happy Hooker

Yarn:      Jaeger Kathmandu (discontinued)

Hook:    4.5mm

Notions: Buttons from my button tin, with lining to come from the scraps in my sewing basket