What's in a name?

What do you think when I say Afghan?

Well, perhaps most obviously, I could be talking someone from Afghanistan. One of my knitting pals, is more likely to come up with an afghan blanket - a knitted or crochet blanket of coloured yarn, or maybe an Afghan rug or carpet.

And dog lovers might go for an Afghan hound. But until yesterday I was unaware of the culinary delight which is an Afghan biscuit.

 Afghan biscuits are an Australian and New Zealand specialty, the ever reliable wikipedia states that the origin of the recipe and name is unknown. My cookery book suggests that they might date from the 1910s, recipes were common by the 1940s and the bible of New Zealand cookery Edmonds Cookery Book has included them since 1953.

Afghans are a kind of rich chocolate cookie base (butter, flour, sugar and cocoa) with crushed cornflakes which give a nice crunchy texture, with a rich chocolate fudge icing, topped with a walnut. I don't even like walnuts that much and I'm loving these little beauties!