De-stash and Re-stash

I've been trying to get a grip on my various stashes over the last couple of months, a fairly never ending task as all you knitters/crafters will know. For once, my knitting stash does actually all fit into the one (large) basket on the top of the wardrobe where it is supposed to. This is partly the result of the lovely stash swap I attended in February, where I managed to off load some of my stash and, unlike some people, came back with less than I came with! Quality not quantity may just be the way to go :)

However, while my yarn stash is finally under control by fabric stash is expanding at an alarming rate. I decided to go into town last weekend to take advantage of the New Look pattern sale and picked up a couple of patterns so I could set to work on reducing the stash. However, after picking up the patterns I meet my boyfriend's sister (aka my fabric mule) who was home on a visit from Dubai, and see had more fabric for me. Not that I'm complaining it lovely and I will use it ... eventually!


The fabric is a set to make a Salwar Karmeez (the traditional dress of central and south Asia) which means you get three piece of matching fabric; two to make the pants and top and the third is the matching scarf.


  1. You can fit your stash in one box?! :O

  2. well, in theory it fits in one box! I think it does, as certain bits of the stash don't count - for example the wool for my sock blanket, but my boyfriend says I am deluding myself and it doesn't!


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