Happy Saint David's Day!

Saint David, or Dewi Sant, is the patron saint of Wales and the first of March is his feast day and the national day of Wales. When I was at school in Wales we used to hold an eisteddfod, with competitions for poetry, drawing and making welsh cakes. Welsh cakes were my strong point, I won several prizes :) I put it down to having been taught how to make them by Auntie G, who wasn't my auntie but was a old family friend, and a proper welsh lady.

Although I no longer live in Wales I still make Welsh cakes every year. This year I took some into work, and they seem to go down well. They are made of butter, flour, sugar, egg, dried fruit and mixed spices, and cooked on a griddle pan or bakestone, kind of like flat scones.

Welsh Cakes - these are not mine, 
I forgot to take a picture before they were all eaten.

I only tend to make Welsh Cakes on Saint David's Day which is odd as I really like them. I guess as I associate them so much with Saint David's Day it seems odd to make them at another time of year, kind of like pancakes. Hum .. pancake day is coming up soon, I do like my seasonal baking dates!


  1. They look LUSH! ;p

  2. Happy St David's Day! I love the look of the Welsh cakes, I'm a Walsh so I think I should be allowed make them sometime :-)

  3. I was convinced it was Pancake Tuesday yesterday but had to go for a work dinner so didn't make pancakes or chebaab. I'm glad that it was only Saint David's day I missed!

  4. Hi Bionic Laura, you should def. make Welsh Cakes they are great, I'll let you have my recipe if you like.

    Sparklydate i'm insulted you think it was 'only' Saint David's Day you missed, there will be no cakes for you on you next visit home if that is your attitude!

  5. We had welsh cakes a bit early this year. But we do still have some daffs in the flat.


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