The Killing Jumper

I was home in Wales over the weekend and while there was introduced by my mother to the hypnotically addictive The Killing. A 20 hour Danish detective crime thriller currently airing on BBC4. Exciting and intricately plotted as The Killing is, what has really caught my attention, and others, is the jumper worn by the female detective Sarah Lund.

Ain't it lovely! Apparently it is a traditional Faeroe Island's design, the jumper is made by a firm  in the Faeroe Islands, Gudrun & Gudrun, who can't keep up with the demand since The Killing was on Danish TV two years ago and Sarah Lund and her jumper first sort to stardom. As hand knit items the price tag is a healthy 280euro!

With that in mind, I thought I better turn my head to how to work out the pattern for myself. Looking at the pictures I thought that a simple top down raglan in a chunky/bulky wool was what was required for the base with the pattern worked in at regular intervals on the way down. A quick search on raverly confirmed this, unsurprisingly other knitters are already on the case, and also provided me with a chart for the pattern.

Having watched a couple of episodes (she does wear the jumper quite a lot, and in one it does seem to be slashed with a knife, but fear not it reappears undamaged shortly after) I thought that I might prefer the jumper with the colours reversed. Hardly had the thought crossed my mind, when bam there she was in another lovely Gudrun & Gudrun jumper.

My only dilemma now, which colour way and design combination to go for? or should that be which one to go for first...


  1. Design it! I will test knit. Those jumpers are the business.


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