Literary Knitter of the Month

I feel I need to apologise for this months literary knitter (to the right of the page) as they are neither a knitter or terribly exciting. I seem to have been going thought a absence of knitters in my current reading material, and I already fell back on the most famous of literary knitters Madam Defarge last year. Part of the problem is I've been reading history books recently which have been rather low on knitters. I've read a biography of Isabella de Medici, who doesn't seem to have included knitting amongst here many talents, and The Invention of Murder.

The latter deals with how the Victorians 'revelled in death and detection and created modern crime'. Its a really interesting read, and looks at some of the key murder cases of the Victorian period and how they impacted on popular culture - newspapers, fiction, theatre and music. Its an excellent read, if short on knitters. (Obviously knitters are not the murdering type). Which is why Nanny, a minor character in a Handful of Dust, is this month's less than exciting literary knitter!