Solutions to knitting problems.

I've been having a bit of a disaster in the knitting stakes, but by looking the problems squarely in the face I have found some solutions.

Problem the first:
I've decided I don't like my Skew socks. I think it's the wool not the pattern. I just don't like the colour repeat. I've frogged the sock, but I think I will have the same problem with the wool which ever pattern I use. If only I had a project that needs lots of sock wool in small patches ... just a moment, I making a sock blanket! (Unlike some people I'm not in denial that I am making a blanket, yes, that means you R - we all know its going to be a blanket!) Also, I have some colinette Jitterbug in my stash which should work well with the skew pattern.

Problem the second:
This is rather a bigger one. I've nearly finished my summer solstice cardigan and it doesn't fit! It's my own fault, not that it makes me feel any better knowing that. I thought after I'd done the main part of the cardie that it would be to small, but I hoped against hope that the border would solve the problem. It didn't! And there is no way that I am frogging and re knitting this one. I was having this disaster last weekend when I was out at my boyfriend's family home, and it turns out the cardie fits my boyfriend's mum perfectly. So, that's another problem solved.  I do still have to knit finish the sleeves, but she has shorter arms than me so it shouldn't take to much longer.

So there we are, my disastrous knitting weekend. To cheer myself up I've put the summer solstice aside, and cast on a pair of fingerless gloves to match my lovely cowl. A rainbow snugly treat to cheer me up, and just what I need on these cold mornings!


  1. :O
    I'm not in denial! I am not however making a blanket. They are just SQUARES.
    Pity I wasn't around when you were making ppl try on your knitting - it looks gorgeous.


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