Mother's Day

Prompted by Sheknitupthatball I've decided to talk about my mother for Mother's day. Although we don't really 'do' mother's day in my family. I used to make her paper flowers - which I've not done for years, and now feel bad about.

This is the least winsome image I could find.

As with many knitters, my mum taught me to knit. I remember my first project which was a red and yellow scarf for my teddy, I still have both the teddy and the scarf. Despite having taught me to knit, Mum still knitted away for me, and my teddy. She made him an evening suit, complete with bow tie and evening gloves. He was  an extremely well dressed bear! As well as teaching me to knit, mum also taught me to sew. Another skill for which I am extremely grateful. Her whole family were keen crafters (knitting, sewing, embroidery and tapestry) and I'm glad to be carrying on the tradition.

So thank you mum, and Happy Mother's Day :)

If only mum and I had looked this stylish!


  1. Thank you from your delighted mum - it's so great that you enjoy knitting, sewing and tapestry not to mention cooking and sewing!

  2. I used to knit clothes for my toys too - Barbie mostly - I had a Patons pattern book full of how to kit her out in yarny stuff for *every event* she could possibly take part in!


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