It has taken my a long time, I started last October, but I have finished Still at last.

I don't know why it has taken me so long, it is not a difficult project and I've really enjoyed knitting it. I think it just disappeared into the bottom of my knitting basket for a couple of months and was forgotten about.

The pattern is from Kim Hargreaves Thrown Together, which is, I think, one of my favourite pattern books. I've already made Olivia (see below) and have plans to make Rosa, Hannah and Evie. Which I think is pretty good value from one book.

Back to Still, the original is knitted in cotton which I don't like knitting with, so I opted for King Cole's Bamboo Cotton. This is beautifully soft and easy to knit with, and is extremely good value! Although it does split a little. The only mod I made was to lengthen the torso. I would normally make the sleeves longer too but they are deliberately long in the pattern so I didn't need to.

Pattern:    Still from Thrown Together
Needles:    3.5mm and 4mm (I had to go down a needle size)
Yarn:        King Cole's Bamboo Cotton, just over 4 balls
TV:           Lewis, The Killing, Silk, Midsomer Murders ... its been a bit of a TV detective fest recently, and there is more to come with The Suspicions of Mr Whicher tonight. I'm looking forward to this, I just need to find myself a little project now this one is done!


  1. They are both lovely. You are in your 'purple period' like Picasso! (but purple)

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