Quick knits and buttons

A round up of some quick knits I've been working on recently.

This cute little baby cardigan is from drops design, I picked it to use up the left over ball of bamboo cotton from knitting my still.It is a nice little pattern, knitted in one piece up to the arms, then the short sleeves, knitted separately are added in. Its finished off with some vintage buttons from my button tin.

The pattern is free and is available here.

I think this is my favourite of these small projects, an owl ipod cozy. Its is such a nice pattern, another free one available here.  I made it in Sublime Cashmere marino silk DK, rather finer than than the suggested bulky weight but it turned out fine. It a snug fit round the ipod, but then I don't want it falling out :)

I bought the sublime wool to make a hairband for myself, and the ipod cozy was an after thought to use up the left overs. But I think the after thought turned out to be rather better than the original idea. The pattern is another free one, available here. I like the colour and the pattern, but its doesn't have quite enough substance to control my rather untidy hair.

Next is, a slightly longer knit, a wisp scarf in kidsilk haze, finished off with more stashed buttons -

This is a present for my boyfriend's sister, aka my fabric mule. I made her one a few years ago to say thank you for all the fabric she brings me. Sadly it recently had an unfortunate encounter with a washing machine, and is a shadow of its former self. She hadn't been going to tell me about this accident, until her husband (sensibly) pointed out that if I didn't know I could make her a new one. I sent it off last week, so I hope it will arrive safely soon.

And finally, I choose these buttons from my tin for a garment, which I am so pleased I am going to give it a whole post of its own soon, so for now I'll just show the buttons -


  1. Ooh Wisp! K was knitting one of these about a year ago and it was gorgeous. It's definitely in my queue.


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