Retro Tea Time continued ...

After last week's successful trip to the charity shops and my new tea cozy, this weeks charity shop trip resulted in more retro tea time accessories. I'd spotted the items in the window display in the Cancer Research charity shop in Rathmines earlier in the week, and headed down at ten yesterday morning when they went on sale.

I find the idea of not selling items on display in charity shop windows really odd, its not something I'd come across before I came to Ireland. In the UK you can wander in and buy whatever is on display. I used to volunteer in my local Oxfam shop, and while putting together a window display of 'youth fashion' I sold most of the items before I had even finished dressing the window! It seems to me the more items you sell the better, and you don't make any more money by holding the stuff on display for two weeks.

Anyway, back to yesterday and my purchases ...

First this cute blue weighing scale and a flour sifter, made in West Germany. However, my absolute favorite item, and something I've been wanting for a while, is a tiered cake stand.

It's so pretty! It's made by an English firm Palissy, a quick look on wikipedia informs me that Palissy was probably founded around the 1850s and was bought up by Royal Worcester in 1958. I'm guessing from the style and the marks on the china that this was made shortly before the factory was finally taken over.  And just when I thought it couldn't look any better I filled it up with some freshly made chocolate afghans!


  1. gorgeous!
    lovely finds!
    well done, i do love trawling around the charity shops in Limerick on Saturdays whenever i get a chance.
    those chocolate afghans look to die for yummy..!

  2. That's got to be one of the cutest cake stands ever! Nice work finding the history behind it. Hope all is well for you!

  3. I think you will have to have a tea party!


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