A Taste of Sardinia

My uncle T (really uncle by marriage, he was married to my late aunt) lives in Sardinia, in a lovely flat directly above a bakery. Its fantastic to wake up in the warm Sardinian weather to the smell of freshly baked bread. The bakery does a fine line in Sardinian cakes and sweets, many of which are almond based.

This weekend I decided to have a go at making the Sardinian favorite almond macaroons, as my brother is coming to visit and he is a big fan of them. They didn't turn out quite like the Sardinian ones, they are not as light but as a first attempt they are not half bad. They have a rich almond and lemon taste, rather more like marzipan than the lighter biscuit they should be, but successful enough that I will be giving them another go.

You can read more about the bakery in Sardinia here and my uncle T here in Wellbread's tales from her bread tour of Italy.


  1. They look delicious! Where did you find the recipe?


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